This blog is one I have created to start and build up a Pre-Trib Force. This group of Christian believers, believe that we are living in the last days. - This blog, is to help show this unknowing world, just what is about to happen, why and for how long. - Also, I hope to bring many, to the knowledge of how Jesus Christ wants to be their savior. - This also shows other Brothers + Sisters in Christ, fellow believers, the work on the Bible I have been doing, for the past 15 years.

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Hello, my name is Joe, and I happen to be a middle aged Canadian, who is paralyzed. But I don’t let that, or anything else detract from my joy. My joy of being blessed, with this great gift,,, called life. I have always been a very energetic, easygoing, adventurous, fun loving guy. Oh ya, there is one more, very important qualifying variable about me,,, I happen to be born-again. I would also like to think, that I can be somewhat intelligent, even after the severe closed head injury of my automobile accident, where my heart stopped twice, and they thought me brain dead. I guess the important part is,,, that God was merciful with me, and let me survive !!! -Ever since my youth, I have always been a go-getter, making things happen. In high school I had parties almost every weekend. That, along with a wonderful mother named Hazel, who taught me the true meaningful things of life, not what you have or know, but the attitude you hold and portray, through bad times as well as good. Part of the spirit that my mom instilled in me, was to always try and find a way to see the good in all things,,, and people. I believe in making the best out of things, including the setbacks, (Romans 8:28)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is a small sample, of some of the work which I find myself doing, since being retired because of a disablity. I consider myself extremely blessed, that now I find myself able to spend my time, directing others towords His will. That is, His will to bring all mandkind, to the knowledge of His existance, and love for us.

--- Hello, my name is Joe Lynch, and I’m a middle aged Canadian, who also happens to be paralyzed. But I don’t consider letting that, or anything else in life, detract from experiencing the feelings of joy. The joy of being so blessed,,, blessed to get to take part in the designs of His Mind, and building of His Hand. The best part is that I even get to enjoy His presents, throughout this wondrous journey. In short, I happen to be extremely thankful towards God, for being given this awesome gift of life. This can be most evident in my always being very energetic, easygoing, adventurous, fun loving. Oh ya,,, there is one more very important thing about me,,, or should I say it’s something that happened to me. This was something that changed my whole world, for the better. I would have to state, it exponentially effected my appreciation of existence, in this extraordinary space-time reality that we call life. I met God,,, or should I say that I recognized His signature
this is the website that the paragraph above I was working on:

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Weapons for battling Satan

Jesus was god
John 10:33 we stone you because you make thyself god
Acts 2:36 god made Jesus both lord and christ
Philippians 2:6 who, being in nature god, did not think equal
Proverbs 30:4 what is his name, and the name of his son
Romans 9:5 Christ, who is god over all

Mathew 24:31 his angels shall gather his elect
Mathew 24:34 this generation shall not die, till all these things be fulfilled
Luke 21:36 pray that you may be able to escape
1st Thessalonians 4:17 after, we still alive will be caught up with them
Revelation 3:10 keep you from the hour of temptation
Revelation 4:1 door was open, come up hither
1st Corinthians 15:52 in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet
Titus 2:13 while we wait for the blessed hope - the glorious appearing

Morning Prayer
(taken off and modified from “In Touch Ministries”)
-(( You might want to printed this off, and then keep it by your bed, so it can be used as a prayer every morning, when you first wake up, even before you get out of bed ))-
///////////////// ------------- ///\\\ ------------ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Lord, I want to thank You for Your goodness, towards me, and to others around me
By faith, here’s what I'm doing
I'm putting on the Full Armor of God,
I'm putting on the:
- Belt of Truth, because I want to walk in truth all day dear Lord
( Ephesians 6:14)
- Breastplate of Righteousness, because I want You to guard my emotions today.
( Ephesians 6:14)
( Isaiah 59:17)
- Boots of the Preparation, to be ready to stand firm, stand firm in my relationship with You Lord, because I know that I can always have peace with You.
( Ephesians 6:15)
- Shield of Faith, as I'm going to trust You for everything today
( Ephesians 6:16)
- Helmet of Salvation, because I want You to guard my thinking all day long, don't let me think the wrong things, please Lord.
( Ephesians 6:17)
(1st Thessalonians 5:8 )

I'm taking up the Sword of the Spirit, which is Your precious Word. I want You to bring Your Word to my mind, every time I get tempted, tried, or tested.
( Ephesians 6:17)
- Today I want to walk as a well-armed soldier of Jesus, the only begotten Son of God.
- I want Satan to be defeated, every time he fires any of his crafty deceptive schemes at me
- And I want to thank You Lord, that Satan’s schemes will all be deflected, by the Shield of Faith that You provide
- I'm putting on Your armor, so I will be victorious today
- You are so gracious Lord, for giving us these glorious tools, to equip ourselves for the spiritual warfare, which we must go through every day, in this land of Your's, which is only temporally, in the evil one’s hands
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ----------- \\\/// ------------ //////////////////////
I don't know how it will work for you, but I have seen a substantial increase in my joy, well being + blessings, since I started praying this every morning

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The great reasoning for choosing Christ

The great reasoning for choosing Christ
(1) He is God, the second Peronage, (being or entity) of the Trinity,,,
- A Trinity explaination:
---- God consists of 3 Personages
------- Father
------- Son
------- Holy Spirit
---- The relationship to man is:
------- God says,,, “let Us, (all of the Trinity) create man in Our image”
------- We are made of three parts
---------- Brain = memory, IQ, mental abilities
---------- Body = physical being, host for other 2 parts
---------- Soul = personality, spirit
(2) He is the only door that gets you into Heaven-
--- There are no other ways to get into Heaven
--- Satan has his corruptive hands, bringing division and mistrust between all of the different denominations
--- I only hope + pray, that our Lord will send someone that can correct us, and unite His body
--- Most other religions are false
------ No,,, all religion are not the same
------ There are 2 religions that are not like the others
--------- Christianity
--------- Jewish
------ and maybe a third,,, Islam
--- They all trust in the one God
--- They use part of the bible
--- They don’t depend on us, doing good, to become worthy of salvation
--- Satan is behind all the other religeons
------ Satan wants to turn people away from the One True God
------ What Satan wants most, is to hurt God
------ All people hurt God, by not choosing His solution, taking Christ as thier savior
(3) We have no excuse, He has written His signature on al of creation

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In case of RAPTURE

In case of RAPTURE

To Whom It May Concern:

If you are looking for me, and I am nowhere to be found, and I did not leave, by the normal means, and my friends and family don’t know where I am. Then I may have gone to heaven in the RAPTURE. If this is true, not only I, but millions will have vanished with me. If you were looking at them, or talking to them, you would be a witness of the power of God. They would simple vanish, “in the twinkling of an eye”

You will probably hear lots of reasons why we are missing, do not believe any of their excuses. I would be in a better place than you are now,,, with all the rest of the true believers, or born again Christians (JOHN 3:3). Read revelation, especially 4:1 that is where you are now, Jesus has said the command “come up hither”, and you have been “left behind”.

If the rapture has happened, first off, be careful what you say, and keep everything I tell you in confidence. Now if you do talk, because you should tell people of what really happened, be careful whom you talk about it with, it will be a different world out there now. God (The Holy Spirit), has withheld His influence from your world, for this moment in time, that “the man of sin be revealed”. God is One, but He is in three Personages, (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

Remember “He” made us in “His” image, “let US make man in OUR image”. We are made in three parts: a mind, a body, and a personality, (spirit). No one has ever seen the Father and lived, he is the One you pray to, remember “Father, who art in heaven”. The Son is none other than Jesus, the One I would now be with, and everybody knows what we the world did to Him, WE MURDERED HIM. And now, I think, even the Holy Ghost, (Spirit) has left, with the believers, in the RAPTURE. You won’t find the word “rapture” in the bible though, it is called by other names.

Above all accept Christ into your heart, “don’t fear those who can destroy the body”, it is better to die, then, if you have accepted Christ, you will be up in heaven with me, and the rest of the true believers. If you follow them, you will be going to the same place as the all the nonbelievers of, hell, and then maybe even a place worse than hell, the “lake of fire”. I say maybe because maybe it is just for the antichrist and false profit. We all live for ever, it is just a question of where, with GOD or without HIM.

You must believe these 5 things, to become born again
(I mean truly believe in your heart, not unsure about any)
1. Jesus was born of a virgin
2. He lived a sinless life
3. He died for your sins
4. He rose from the dead
5. He is coming back again

Next, you should hide all material on Christians, all copies of the bible, and books on bible prophecy and spiritual warfare, and all videos, they will be confiscating them as soon as they can. Believe it or not, they will make it illegal to believe in the bible. And they will make it almost impossible to live without believing what they do. I say almost because I think there will be some that will live through this.
Then, read the bible. The whole bible preferably, but especially revelation and the New Testament. Start with revelation, 4:1 is where you are now, you have to go through 7 years, 3.5 of pretty good times and then 3.5 of hell on earth. Satan will have been kicked out of all 3 heavens, and come down to you, probably he will incarnate the dead body of the antichrist. He has always wanted to be GOD, and he will enjoy imitating HIM.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Proof of God

Proof of God
There are some that say
- I should not try to prove God
- You cannot prove God
- That it has to be all about faith
--- It is about faith,,, faith in what I say being true
----- Though I would rather you check them out yourself, the facts prove God
----- Faith that I'm not just misguide, and steering you wrong
----- I think that we have too much faith, faith in what the world say
------- We think, if the TV news says it, it must be the truth, without checking

I can see, that the proofs are infinite,,,,,,,, here are only a few:
- The many fulfilled prophecies,,,
---1. Many are even fulfilled right down to the exact day
----- The odds of getting just one right are phenomenal
----- I know what you might be thinking,,, they were written after it happened,,,
-------1. I first thought this too
-------2. But you can research and find that the old manuscripts, which were written before the
happenings, say the same thing
-------3. I took the idea that if it was really not the same, others would have found it
---------1. there are so many people out there against the Word of God, that they would have placed it on every TV show, from early morning, until late at night
- They can all be proven, to be written before they happened
- The fact that nothing an be proven wrong,,, even stuff written many thousands of years ago
- The scientific truth of the Word
- Pure gold is clear like glass,,, which has just been theorized recently. This is only a theory, as we don’t yet have the technology
Ask them to try aqnde frind a lie

Say how scientist are finding out His sig

Ask others for help + if any errors – He does not error, but we may

How flood made
Proof of age of the earth = less than 6000
- Radioactive elements,,, all radioactive material would all have change if was millions of years old + non is created any more
Nothing can be proven wrong
Say how scientist are finding out His signiture