This blog is one I have created to start and build up a Pre-Trib Force. This group of Christian believers, believe that we are living in the last days. - This blog, is to help show this unknowing world, just what is about to happen, why and for how long. - Also, I hope to bring many, to the knowledge of how Jesus Christ wants to be their savior. - This also shows other Brothers + Sisters in Christ, fellow believers, the work on the Bible I have been doing, for the past 15 years.

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Hello, my name is Joe, and I happen to be a middle aged Canadian, who is paralyzed. But I don’t let that, or anything else detract from my joy. My joy of being blessed, with this great gift,,, called life. I have always been a very energetic, easygoing, adventurous, fun loving guy. Oh ya, there is one more, very important qualifying variable about me,,, I happen to be born-again. I would also like to think, that I can be somewhat intelligent, even after the severe closed head injury of my automobile accident, where my heart stopped twice, and they thought me brain dead. I guess the important part is,,, that God was merciful with me, and let me survive !!! -Ever since my youth, I have always been a go-getter, making things happen. In high school I had parties almost every weekend. That, along with a wonderful mother named Hazel, who taught me the true meaningful things of life, not what you have or know, but the attitude you hold and portray, through bad times as well as good. Part of the spirit that my mom instilled in me, was to always try and find a way to see the good in all things,,, and people. I believe in making the best out of things, including the setbacks, (Romans 8:28)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The great reasoning for choosing Christ

The great reasoning for choosing Christ
(1) He is God, the second Peronage, (being or entity) of the Trinity,,,
- A Trinity explaination:
---- God consists of 3 Personages
------- Father
------- Son
------- Holy Spirit
---- The relationship to man is:
------- God says,,, “let Us, (all of the Trinity) create man in Our image”
------- We are made of three parts
---------- Brain = memory, IQ, mental abilities
---------- Body = physical being, host for other 2 parts
---------- Soul = personality, spirit
(2) He is the only door that gets you into Heaven-
--- There are no other ways to get into Heaven
--- Satan has his corruptive hands, bringing division and mistrust between all of the different denominations
--- I only hope + pray, that our Lord will send someone that can correct us, and unite His body
--- Most other religions are false
------ No,,, all religion are not the same
------ There are 2 religions that are not like the others
--------- Christianity
--------- Jewish
------ and maybe a third,,, Islam
--- They all trust in the one God
--- They use part of the bible
--- They don’t depend on us, doing good, to become worthy of salvation
--- Satan is behind all the other religeons
------ Satan wants to turn people away from the One True God
------ What Satan wants most, is to hurt God
------ All people hurt God, by not choosing His solution, taking Christ as thier savior
(3) We have no excuse, He has written His signature on al of creation