This blog is one I have created to start and build up a Pre-Trib Force. This group of Christian believers, believe that we are living in the last days. - This blog, is to help show this unknowing world, just what is about to happen, why and for how long. - Also, I hope to bring many, to the knowledge of how Jesus Christ wants to be their savior. - This also shows other Brothers + Sisters in Christ, fellow believers, the work on the Bible I have been doing, for the past 15 years.

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Hello, my name is Joe, and I happen to be a middle aged Canadian, who is paralyzed. But I don’t let that, or anything else detract from my joy. My joy of being blessed, with this great gift,,, called life. I have always been a very energetic, easygoing, adventurous, fun loving guy. Oh ya, there is one more, very important qualifying variable about me,,, I happen to be born-again. I would also like to think, that I can be somewhat intelligent, even after the severe closed head injury of my automobile accident, where my heart stopped twice, and they thought me brain dead. I guess the important part is,,, that God was merciful with me, and let me survive !!! -Ever since my youth, I have always been a go-getter, making things happen. In high school I had parties almost every weekend. That, along with a wonderful mother named Hazel, who taught me the true meaningful things of life, not what you have or know, but the attitude you hold and portray, through bad times as well as good. Part of the spirit that my mom instilled in me, was to always try and find a way to see the good in all things,,, and people. I believe in making the best out of things, including the setbacks, (Romans 8:28)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a testimony!

Francis Mac Donald
5:24pm September 10th
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What a testimony!
I am so glad Christ saved you, I am a Christian also.
Psalm 91 - just for you.
… Hello, my name is joe Lynch, and I happen to be a middle aged Canadian, who also happens to be paralyzed.
(I know that I use different English wording,,, but I try not to use God's name in vain = [Exodus 20:7], the 3rd Commandment,,, God told Moses His name in Exodus 3:14,,, "I AM hath sent me unto you").
… But I don't even consider, letting my being paralyzed, or anything else in life, detract from my experiencing the joy of God's gift of life. The joy of being so blessed,,, to get a chance to take part in:
- the design of His Mind = (Father),
- creation of His Hand = (Son),
- and experience His presence =(Holy Spirit),
throughout this whole wondrous eternal journey. In short, I happen to be extremely thankful towards God, for being given this awesome gift of life. This can be most evident in my way of being: very energetic, easygoing, adventurous, fun loving, and excited about life. Oh ya,,, there is one more very important thing about me,,, or should I say it's something that I was blessed to get the chance to experience. I happen to be speaking about the blessing of becoming born again. This was something that changed my whole world,,, surely for the better. I would have to state that it exponentially effected my appreciation of our existence, in this extraordinary space-time continuum, that we call reality,,, or LIFE. I had the privilege of meeting God,,, or should I say, that I have learned to recognize His Signature.
… I don't know about you, but I was not accustomed to seeing His Handwork. It was His Signature, which is fulfilled Bible prophecy, that drew my logical mind into blowing off evil's dark shade of deception. Satan's deception about life,,, where he tries to hide the proofs of our creation, reasons for our existence, and the purpose of our being here. This hold, which Satan has ensnared on the world around us, happens to be very seductively crafted, and seemingly all encompassing. I say seemingly, because if anyone takes the time and effort, to honestly and open heartedly look into these supposed "facts", they will see them for the true paper walls that they are. I say paper walls, because of the thin shreds of false evidence, which evolution is all based on. Once you take a truthful look at things, I can promise you, that you will see how clear God makes His Truth, and your perspective on life will change. You will easily be able to see how great His gift of life can be, learn His methods to improve the blessings you experience, as well as learning the great joy of being able to be a blessing to others.
… It was the prophecy that can be found in every Bible, even from ones dated hundreds, and even thousands of years ago, about Israel's rebirth. The Jewish people were back on the map, becoming a nation,,, on the exact day it was prophesized. It was the fact that prophecy was fulfilled in our life times (May 14, 1948), which blew me away,,, and started me on this awesome new journey. It took me about two weeks, of trying in every way I could think of, to get around these facts,,, but I had no more excuses,,, and believe me, I tried every one,,, lol. I had become born-again on that revelation,,, this blew my mind,,, discovering that logic said "there was indeed a God", the God of the Bible, for only God can consistently tell you about the future. Knowing Him, and learning more about His Word every day, always brings me great joy, in all situations
... I would also like to think, that He has blessed me with being intelligent. This is even after my many accidents, and especially my closed head injury, in the same accident where I was paralyzed. This, or maybe when my heart stopped twice, and even then, I was not out of the woods. I heard that they later thought I was brain dead. They gave up on me, and talked about pulling the plug,,, the plug on the machines that were keeping me alive!!! But my God spared me, and I heard that I started breathing on my own, or in some other way proved that I was still there, the same day, or the day before they were thinking of taking me off life support. So I guess that it's now true,,, what people have been telling me all my life,,, that I must be brain damaged,,, lol.
… I'm so thankful for my knowing God, before my last two automobile accidents. Especially the one in the late 80's, which damaged my hips, causing me immense pain, and affecting my will to live, and decreased my joy of being alive. The other was in the summer of 1996, which left me paralyzed, and thankfully stopped my pain,,, at least for a short time. If it were not for knowing God, I would surely not have survived, the twice when my heart stopped, and the time they thought that I was brain dead, and wanted to pull the plug on me. They wanted to turn off the machines,,, the machines that were keeping me alive!!! My brother told me, that the reason that he knew that I was still inside my body, was that he saw something in my face, that he had never seen before,,, FEAR. I should say, that I would probably not have wanted to survive either accident, if I did not know Christ. But now I know, what life's purpose is,,, learning about, and teaching others about God. In doing this, we can help spread His Word, His love for us, as well as help us be better able to love each other. This way, we can enjoy Him and His creation, as much as He enjoys us.
--- Some of my greatest enjoyments in life, are math, logic, science, and factual provable truths,,, I like things that you can work out for yourself, through logic and mathematical calculations, through laws of math, nature, chemistry and physics, to prove it for your own self. He has given us amazing brains, which I heard that we only use ten percent of. I think that He would like us to use it more, instead of taking what we see in our text books and news as Gospel,,, maybe we should be questioning everything.. God says that He has written His moral laws on our heart, (sorry that I don't have the scripture passages, but check back, because I will keep working on it). I believe this, internally we know when we do right and wrong. How did these feelings evolve. I thought that if there was a real God, then there had to be a way to prove it.
... I found a book that changed my life,,, "Armageddon", by Grant Jeffrey. This book held the proof that I needed, numerous fulfilled prophecies. All these prophecies are well documented. The greatest prophecy was the one that stated the time that the Christ would come to this earth, to save the Jewish people, and to the rest of humanity. Jesus came into Jerusalem, on the exact day, that was a prophecy hundreds of years earlier, (sorry I don't have the verse, but I will retrieve later). It went further though, even to our modern day, predicting that the nation of Israel would come back into existence. It even predicted the very day, May 15, 1948,,, I had no more need to search, the Bible proved itself the True Word of God.
... I know that you've heard that Christianity is all about faith, and I don't mind saying, that words like "blind faith" made my skin crawl. I live in the real world, where if you are blind, somebody will take advantage of you, and lead you astray. Then I became born-again,,, now let me tell you what being born-again is like,,, It is being excited about life, like never before,,, being full of peace, joy, contentment, comfort,,, and everything is new. It is truly like being born again, into the knowledge of what life is truly all about. You look at all things in a different way, your priorities change, and you can find great joy, and marvel, even in the littlest of things. It is truly a new birth, into an eternity of knowing for sure, that all things will work out for the best, (Romans 8:28). This is because we have His Word, which can always be trusted,,, fulfilled prophecy proves that. Now I have trust, and am gaining more faith, as time goes by, and I see that He is not capable of any lies,,, sometime the truth hurts, but it helps your growth. Just think about it,,, the Bible has never been able to be proven wrong. Don't you think that this secular world, if it found some error in His Word, they would have run it on every TV channel and news paper, from here to Tim-buck-two. Trust me, the world is in for a dramatic change, maybe before the year 2013, ((I calculated the [51.4 year] generation, taken from Mat 1:17, (that sees all these things, shall not pass) Mat 24:34, [including Jerusalem in Jewish hands, which happened in 1967.5 + 51.4 = less than 2020 - 7 year of tribulation = before 2013 = latest timing of the rapture).
... The logic denying arguement about there not being any flood, and the Satanically inspired lies about evolution, (pure fiction=no missing link, and no transitional forms, of any creatures,,, should prove to any logic driven man or science,,, that God created everything,,, "after its own kind" ) being the creator of man, and the false scientific studies about age of the earth. I hope that these will all be soon shown to be only flimsy "theories",,, I only pray, that He will bless me, to have a part in this unveiling.